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Welcome to the TOLA website

TOLA represents the Owners and Leaseholders within the Anstruther South Kensington Estates Management Scheme - the EMS. The boundaries of the estate are shown on the map below and a letter from the Chair.

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Welcome from the Chair of TOLA

Dear Resident

Welcome to the website of Thurloe Owners and Leaseholders Association, or ‘TOLA’!

TOLA is the body that represents residents within the footprint of Anstruther South Kensington Estate Management Scheme (EMS), which was established in 1998 to manage and maintain the ‘look and feel’ of a well-ordered and friendly residential area.  The area between South Kensington Tube Station and the Brompton Road is recognised, both in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and more widely, as one of the most architecturally important and coherent examples of the London Garden Square movement, that developed throughout the capital about 200 years ago, and so creating the remarkable urban views and atmosphere within the TOLA footprint.

Inevitably, the need to preserve the old, while adopting and adapting to changes in the capital, has thrown up numerous concerns for residents and TOLA has been at the forefront of working with other community stakeholders, including RBKC, the Metropolitan Police, SKE, our local MP, The London Assembly and other nearby resident associations in communicating developing issues to residents and coordinating an effective response, when necessary.

This website is a source of information for the community. In addition to setting out a brief history of the TOLA footprint, the website contains the terms of the EMS, that binds freeholders of all properties within the scheme.  It also sets out the contact details of the Block representatives of the areas within the TOLA footprint as well as for other important parties to the successful operation of the EMS.  It also contains a calendar of forthcoming important events, which may affect the community, giving details as to how residents can get involved with these actions, as well as a noticeboard for the posting of information, that may be of interest to members of the TOLA community.

If you are either a potential or present resident within TOLA, I hope you will find this information useful. If you are a visitor to our area, then hopefully you will learn about this very historic area of London and why it is so special to its residents.

Sandra Cavlov

Chair, TOLA